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The strip is new, so I'm just beginning to pursue media attention. There currently are no news clippings or webcasts to brag about, but in the event you'd like to help lay some bricks in the construction of worldwide Misquips fame, below is a link to a .zip archive containing the following useful files:

Misquips logo (72dpi 439px w x 482px h .gif file w/transparency)

Misquips logo (300dpi 3.6"w x 4"h .CMYK .tif file w/transparency)

Joe Vissichelli's Bio (.pdf format)

Head shot of Joe Vissichelli (72dpi 654px w x 644px h .jpg)

Head shot of Joe Vissichelli (300 dpi 2.18" w x 2.15" h RGB .jpg)

Click here to download the .zip archive.

Images of characters and comic strip images to suit your media needs are available upon request. Please email joe@misquips.com if you have an interest in covering Misquips and include your contact information and deadline if time is tight.


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