Misquips Web Comic Blog http://example.com/blog.php The Misquips “Herald Times Post Tribune News” covers compelling news and nonsense of the web comic, as well as comics, humor, art and, like the comic strip itself, whatever else possesses creator Joe Vissichelli on a given day. en-us Misquips Emerges from Seclusion! http://example.com/blog.php?d=1 Once upon a time, there was a certain comic strip that I tried to have the major newspaper comics syndication companies take onboard. It didn't go over beyond a polite note or two from some nice execs who actually did seem to read it, yet it wasn't their cup of tea at the time.

But I always liked this strip, despite moving on to other cartoon dealings, and once in while I'd think of alternative applications for it and pursue a few, but to no avail. "Misquips" remained dead in the water and went back to storage.

Twenty years later, my son and I looked at the old strips and surprisingly, they still brought a lot of laughs. The work had aged pretty well and I decided to crank up the Misquips machinery again and put it online as a web comic. 

Twenty or so of the original strips were tweaked, updated and re-lettered, but kept largely intact since they still worked as gags and art though, as the newer strips hopefully reveal, my style has grown. At the moment, I don't plan to reveal which came from when and hope they'll blend together pretty well, but feel free to try and guess which ones originate from the bygone eons. Maybe it can be a game within the game of the mischievous web comic itself.

I hope you'll enjoy and share this finally public reveal of my comic feature about "facts" pulled from the air – fibs, factoids, malarkey – and the family that lives them.  Finally, Mike and Mona's "Misquips" lives!

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