About Misquips Web Comic

An online comic strip of "facts" pulled from the air, mischievous malarkey, fibs and the people who live them.

Misquips web comic is about a family of regular people living out irregular things. What are "Misquips?" "Facts" pulled from the air. Mischievous malarkey. Factoids for fun.

Yes, their lives are a lie. And yeah, occasionally a "fact" may be an actual fact (no doubt by accident) but the Misquips take on it is still proudly pure and wonderful BS. So don't contact the Misquips Complaint Department or bitch to the players. Just enjoy yourself as I and the cast have fun.



The Misquips Characters




The family flake who also happens to be the dad and an often too interesting husband. A man of a million silly situations, he clearly loves his wife in spite of significant time spent on her "outs.".



Mona Shunk

Mike's devilishly smarter wife and his partner in fun and foolishness. The mix doesn't always result in perfect harmony, but somehow love conquers even the dumbest situations.


The nervous eight-year-old who gets by with a little help from his canine best friend.


PunchyRuns72a1a1a1a1a1a1Punchy the Pooch

Mel's best buddy's loyalty makes up for his lack of guts and grooming.



The rambunctious five-year old motion machine who was born to explore limits – including those of her parents.

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